Near Misses of 2009

This year's 2009 best of list was easily the most difficult for me to come up with in quite awhile due to two main factors:

1.) The absolute clear cut upper echelon albums that simply could not be ignored.  Unlike previous years, the top 6 albums were never in any doubt.  The only debate I went through with myself was the ordering.  This really forced my hand this year.

2.) A large amount of very good, very different albums.  There is no doubt that Darwin Deez, Wild Beasts, Mellowdrone, La Roux, Little Boots, The Longcut, etc. are all very good albums, but it is quite difficult to judge them against each other thanks to uniqueness of each act.  In the past, rounding out the top ten was much easier due to the fact that many of the albums were in the same genre.

Because of my difficulty in creating this year's list, I humbly present the near misses of 2009:

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers

In looking forward, I think I may very well come to regret not including Wild Beasts in my top ten as this album continues to grow on me.  It's not easy to get into; there is a steep curve when it comes to getting used to the vocals, but once you are in, the package is undeniably sparkling.

Mellowdrone - Angry Bear

I've been a Mellowdrone fanatic for years now and it really goes against my better instincts to not have included them in my top ten.  Hard to argue with their ability to melt faces.

Little Boots - Hands

I'm a sucker for an english accent... and I'm really a sucker for an english accent and something I can dance to.

The Longcut - Open Hearts

Another aquired taste, The Longcut have managed to shake off the label of "the next big thing" quite nicely by focusing on making badass, groove-based music and putting all the hype to the side.

Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More

Closely intertwined with Noah and the Whale in their lineup, Mumford and Sons constructed an extremely solid album with a few absolute gems like "The Cave" that are infinitely listenable.

Watch for more to come.  It was a year that necessitates more posting.