Review: The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

Although they can be categorized in the same vein as fellow indie-rockers and sub-pop label mates Rogue Wave, Helio Sequence dial up a bit more of the dreamy on Keep your Eyes Ahead, juxtaposing stuttering, dance-hall drumbeats with space-rock guitars and enough reverb-soaked vocals to make Kevin Shields or Andy Bell (of Ride, not Pulp) proud.

The work really stands out when The Helio Sequence are driving themselves full throttle forward in such songs as the ridiculously catchy “Can’t Say No”, album opener “Lately”, and “Keep Your Eyes Ahead”. “Shed Your Love” and “Broken Afternoon” showcase the alt-country side of the band and give the album some introspection as well as periods of tenderness which help to illuminate the highs of the more up-tempo songs.

“Hallelujah”, one of the catchiest songs to come out of 2008 thus far, is what really makes the album a winner, though. Its electronically pulsating bass, backbeats, and perfectly layered vocal harmonies catapult the album into new heights and firmly drop Keep Your Eyes Ahead on the shortlist of the year’s best albums.



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