New Music: Grizzly Bear - "Boy From School" (Hot Chip Cover)

In my continuing avoidance of posting my 2009 year-end list, my 00's decade-end list, or any number of posts about the great start that 2010 has gotten off to, I thought I would post a video of Grizzly Bear's cover of Hot Chip's "Boy From School" (see below for a link to a download of the track, as well). Maybe I have just been in Grizzly Bear fanboy mode for the past year or so, but am I the only one who thinks this band can do no wrong? Honestly, everything they record is so epic. Not in a showy Arcade Fire kind of way either (which is great, but a lot easier to do than what the Grizzlies are getting into), but in a "what's lurking in those open spaces" kind of way. Granted, they pick their holes wisely (Hot Chip's version of "Boy From School" is pretty great on its own), but Ed Droste and Co. let the air out of the tightly wound, electronic original, and then drop an eerie cloak over top of it all. Plus, as usual, the vocals are spot-on.

Download Link (courtesy of Pitchfork):


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