Luke's Tips for 2010


Equal parts Friendly Fires and La Roux, Delphic is already hotly tipped by the British music press and they've delivered up to this point with tracks "Doubt", "This Momentary", and "Counterpoint". The real question will be if they are able to put together a cohesive, nuanced album like Friendly Fires.

Chapel Club

Embedding is disabled for this particular video, but please, for the love of all things holy, have a listen because if there is one new band I'm currently really excited about it is Chapel Club. "O Maybe I" (the video linked to above) is an instant classic and their other tracks "All the Eastern Girls" and "Surfacing" are epic, combining a bit each of Glasvegas, BRMC, and Echo and the Bunnymen.

It also helps that there are turtlenecks being worn in earnest in this video. This makes them a hot tip automatically.

Is Tropical

The music speaks for itself here... Is Tropical are your typical indie rock kids who formed a band and attempt to do as many different things in the space of a few minutes as possible. Luckily, unlike many of the bands who throw the kitchen sink in and end up with trash, they seem to know when to pull back and make sure that their song has a secure framework upon which to hang all of their silky, glittering linens.