Luke's 100 Favorite Songs of the Decade - 90-81

Be sure to read Jaymo's Vampire Weekend review below as I feel it is not only pretty much spot on, but posts usually get a bit more time in the 'most recent post' slot than just a few days and I feel slightly bad about unseating it so quickly.

That said, here's the continuation of my 100 favorite songs of 2000-2009:

90: Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day

Just a stunningly simple song.

89: I Am Kloot - Untitled #1

A shining example of the power of laid-back, still-lying-in-bed vocals juxtaposed with shuffling drums.

88: The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect

This was the first Decemberists song I ever heard, having stumbled across their website on one of my many late night/early morning scourings of t'internet. I told a friend at the time that the vocals reminded me of I Am Kloot (number 89) and I still stick by that.

87: Hope of the States - The Red, The White, The Black, The Blue

The forcefulness of this song is staggering... and, as with all Hope of the States songs (or at least the good ones) it gives one full reign to use as many synonyms for 'epic' as one could possibly ever want.

86: The Stills - Lola Stars and Stripes

A glossy exercise in noise-pop that resulted in many drunken nights with my hands in the air and no voice in the morning.

85: Interpol - NYC

I never fully jumped on the Interpol bandwagon when "Turn on the Bright Lights" came out, but it's impossible to deny that NYC is simply a fantastic song.

84: Band of Horses - The General Specific

Honestly, what's more fun than harmonizing while clapping your hands and stomping your feet?

83: Ambershades - Clap, Clap, Clap

The amount of fun that it sounds like Ambershades are having on this song is almost unfair. Makes me want to harmonize in a high-pitched Super Furry Animals-like voice too.

82: Coldplay - Brothers and Sister

I know what you're thinking... "Really? Brothers and Sisters? You're full of it."

For reasons that I cannot even begin to comprehend myself I simply love this song. I sang it accapella on the way to school senior year of high school every day (literally every damn day) because our family computer didn't have a CD burner.

81: Helio Sequence - Hallelujah

I've posted this video before, during my top ten of 2008(which was posted quite a ways into 2009, much like, it seems, my forthcoming 2009 list), so if anyone reading this didn't check it out previously, feel free to bask in the space-guitar stomp.



Jameson said...

Ok. So I figure I owe some comments on your first 20 favorite songs of the decade. First of all, this two song minimum thing is going to be crazy (especially if you are saying two songs only if completely necessary). On to your picks...

Lots of good artists already making their appearance. Big fan of "Fake Tales of San Francisco". Probably my favorite song from that album (and band), as well.

I still think you are the only person who thinks Cease to Begin was better than Everything All the Time, so it was no surprise to see "General Specific" make your list. There are SO MANY great songs on Everything All the Time though (i.e. "The Funeral", "The Great Salt Lake", and then the album's last three songs).

That Sufjan Stevens song reminds me just how great the album (Illinoise) really is. "Casmir" is a great track. I specifically like this line..."And the complications you could do without when I kissed you on the mouth". The great thing about the Sufjan albums is that so much focus gets placed on the "State theme" (the research is rather impressive), but at the end of the day, many of these are just songs about normal people. There are so many great tracks to choose from on Illinoise though. In case you are wondering, these are my top 3: "John Wayne Gacy Jr", "Jacksonville", and, of course, "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us" (jamfest).

The Decemberists pick caught me off guard, and also reminded me of their rather impressive output during the first half of the decade. Their first three albums are rather impressive (and they were great live). I was always most fond of Picaresque (2005) because the lyrics seemed a little less forced (I realize the irony here, seeing as there is a 9 minute song called "Mariner's Revenge Song" on the album). Gosh, "The Bagman's Gambit" is a great that three song stretch of "16 Military Wives", "The Engine Driver", and "On the Bus Mall" is pretty unfuckwithable. "The Engine Driver" will always hold a dear place in my heart because of the way Meloy inflects his voice on the final chorus "I am a writer. I am ALL THAT YOU HAVE HOME, and I've written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones". Seriously, I have probably sang that 5 second part so intently 200 times. The whole time I am listening to the song, I am waiting for those 5 seconds.

What else? "NYC" is a jam. Classic Interpol though. I have no clue WTF "the subway is a porno" even means, but I love the album title in the close ("It's up to me now, turn on the bright lights").

This song by the Still is great. I remember this from freshman year of college I believe. Could be an Allesee thing. Had not heard it since 2003. Loving the memories it is bringing back.

Lastly, this Coldplay song came out in 1999. Just saying...

Keep'em coming. I enjoy having something to randomly spout off about.

Luke said...

Haha... You got me on the Coldplay song. Had to include it since it was a huge part of high school for me, though.

That entire Sufjan album could very nearly have ended up on this list, and John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was definitely in the top three.

I agree on Picaresque... I think it's their best front to back album, though my favorite songs are earlier Decemberists. July, July is also F-in fantastic.

The two song thing is difficult, but I really should have limited it to one, because there are many worthy songs being left off this list and, even more annoyingly, I've started hearing other songs that I forgot about when I was making this list that should definitely be represented... might have to do an honorable mentions list at the end.