Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can

This is the woman that crushed the heart of Noah and the Whale front man Charlie Fink, as was so obviously displayed on their 2009 album The First Day of Spring.

It's easy to see why he was so affected by the breakup... she is not only phenomenally gifted in voice, but she has a true talent for tapping into the classical songwriter vein that morphs this album from being simply another modern retread of vintage sounds and themes to sound like it was recorded long ago and been a lost classic, lusted after by collectors of obscure vinyl and remembered by modern listeners with an air of awe and reverence.

It has it's slower points that drag at times, but these can be easily forgiven due to the effect the entire album has upon the listener.  Marling will hopefully continue to grow into her status as a modern day songwriting heroine on future albums, but for now, I Speak Because I Can, has already cemented a place of acclaim in the current scene.