Upcoming Release: The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever

If you read this blog, then you know I am a HUGE fan of the Hold Steady. If you have ever listened to the Hold Steady, then you know why; ultra literate rock and roll anthems. Well, they have a new album coming out, Heaven Is Whenever. Of course, all of the press release stuff has the band talking about how its a "more mature" sound and how "this album is really less anthemic than the last two". However, the three tracks we have been able to hear are pretty classic Hold Steady. The band cannot help but make high-climbing summer jams. Check out the links below to hear the three tracks that are out there. Looks like it will be another constructive summer.



Nick said...

This album should be sweet. Great band. Sad to see they parted ways with their keyboardist. Hope they roll through Colorado again on tour.