Luke's 100 Favorite Songs of the Decade: 100 - 90

In the first part of this 10 part series, I present to you, my humble reader (and listener), the songs which were the most difficult to choose. The top choices for any list are usually the easiest (sometimes seeding can become difficult, but the choices are the most obvious); it's the final few spots that require excrutiating mental debating and rough decision making.

These 10 songs battled it out with a host of possible contenders, including The Crescent - Spinning Wheels, Alaska! - The Western Shore, Forever Stranger - Goodbye Lonely, Earlimart - We're So Happy (We Left the Piano in the Trunk), and Paik - Orson Fader and came out on top.

To be honest, the reasons are unclear even to me why these songs were chosen... I went with emotional response above all else, leaving very little room to attempt to properly explain myself.

The two rules in effect for this list:
1.) No more than two songs per artist and only a second song if it is absolutely necessary.
2.) The song has to be my favorite... not what I think is necessarily the best song by an artist.

Regardless, let the listing begin:

100: La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy

She scares me and yet I cannot look away... the synth sickens me because of its sheer ridiculous nature, but I cannot help but dance.

99: Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales of San Francisco

I was among those who initially dismissed the Monkeys as nothing more than hype, but they won me over with their charms, mostly because of this song.

98: Yeti - Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder

Take the bassist from the Libertines, let him play guitar, let him sing, and what do you get? A song better than any of the hyped up bullshit that The Libertines ever put out.

97: Mando Diao - The Band

Perhaps it's because, even in recordings, they sound like a locomotive barreling off of the side of a cliff at full speed, or perhaps it's because when Bjorn Dixgard sings he sound like Paul McCartney, but either way, Mando Diao are just fun to listen to.

96: Dr. Dog - Say Something

Thanks to Al for the initial scoop on Dr. Dog, as well as this song. Pure '60s bliss.

95: Oasis - Falling Down

Check out my review of this album to see me get dramatic and over the top about this song. You can't blame me, though. Oasis makes me emotional.

94: Of Montreal - Eros' Entropic Tundra

Simple and catchy as hell. Those who frequent this blog know my predilection for good pop-rock and this is about as good as it gets.

93: Brakes (aka Brakes!Brakes!Brakes!) - All Night Disco Party

It's stupid, simple, and sung in two languages. Plus it's the the Electric Soft Parade boys' side project. What's not to like?

92: My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday

MMJ at their rocking best. I usually prefer their very early recordings, particularly those featuring Jim James simply howling the blues in a silo, but this just rocks one's face off.

91: The Basement - Do You Think You're Moving On?

Scruffy irish lads with an ear for a catchy 'chune'. You've got to appreciate a gritty, snarling voice.