Music is an interesting thing. There are only 7 true notes. Every song ever written is based on those 7 notes, as well as the subtle shades of grey that lie between them.

So it's nearly impossible for anyone to truly be original, but oftentimes, upon listening to the radio, it is nearly ridiculous how closely some songs resemble others. Most of the time I chalk this up to simple chance, but it is still quite an interesting phenomenon.

Usually these songs are easy to figure out because the world of 'popular' radio is populated with derivative songs written by 'professionals' who follow a formula. However, on occasion a band will rip (or borrow) a bit of another song to create something a bit more interesting and a bit harder for the average listener to originally place.

Below are a few such songs. Enjoy the deja vu.

Coldplay - In My Place vs. Ride - Dreams Burn Down

Coldplay are a bit notorious for using bits of other bands material to create a new song (like Oasis), and "In My Place" is probably the most obscure of their rips (I give Kraftwerk a bit more weight than Ride in the popularity poll). Still though, those drums, that jangling guitar... it's eery.

Oasis - Cigarettes and Alcohol vs. T. Rex - Bang a Gong

At least Noel Gallagher owns up to it. He knows he steals and he's proud of it. The way he does it makes it into a sort of an homage... still though, c'mon man, moving it down on the scale a bit doesn't change what it is. Still prefer your song... "what's the point in finding yourself a job when there's nothing worth working fer?"

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams vs. Travis - Writing to Reach You vs. Oasis - Wonderwall

Maybe it's because their album, "The Man Who", was phenomenal, or the fact that they actually reference "Wonderwall" in the song's lyrics, but I don't have as much of a problem with Travis redoing "Wonderwall" as I do with Green Day's rip... or maybe it's just the fact that everyone in the country creamed themselves over an album that's 75% a ripoff.

Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia vs. Brian Adams - Summer of 69

Here they go again.

Green Day - American Idiot vs. Korean Pop?

Ok, this one is most likely just coincidental.

Green Day - 21 Guns vs. ELO - Telephone Lines

Next album.

Alright... this post got away from me and really devolved into a green day slam, didn't it? Ah well... slam on. 21 Guns just really set me off... or maybe it was Tre Cool's plastic face on MTV Hits.



Jameson said...

That Green Day/Bryan Adams one is pretty ridiculous. There has been a lot of talk about "Viva La Vida" being a ripoff of a few different songs. I wonder if it really is intentional, or if sometimes it just happens. Probably a bit of both. I read an interview with the Wrens where they listed ten songs they have stolen something from...see below...

10 Songs We've Stolen From: A Melody, Chord Progression, Part or Rhythm, Etc. (Match to the correct Wrens song, write us at our website and win nothing.)

David Bowie: "Watch That Man"
Elvis Costello: "High Fidelity"
Van Morrison: "Tupelo Honey"
Devo: "Gates of Steel"
Springsteen: "New York City Serenade"
Springsteen: "No Surrender"
The Police: "Does Everyone Stare the Way I Do"
Bach: "Air from Orchestral Suite #3" (yeah, we know)
Judy Collins: "Diamonds & Rust"
Webber/Rice: "Jesus Christ Superstar"