For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Oftentimes it takes the combination of two seemingly unrelated objects, events, or personalities distilled and properly combined to bring out the best elements of each. Dry, mouth clinging peanut butter has ultra sweet, somewhat creepy jelly, jack has coke, and now two music blogs have each other. Jameson Czech's "My Unqualified Opinion", filled to the brim with spot on musical observations, reviews, and the constant reminder that the author is not a music expert (though it seems that no one is better qualified) joins together with "Fuckle", the long defunct former stomping grounds of curmudgeonly music enthusiast Luke Barnard.

Tuesday's On The Phone will be a more than simply a place to get a decent review of recently released music, it will be a, hopefully, fertile plain of reflections on current, past, and future musical trends and artists as well as a place to actually hear a review. The blog will exist in two different locations: blogspot and myspace, allowing the authors to share not only their words, but the actual music they are discussing. The blogspot space will be the place to go to view the text and articles of the site most conveniently while the myspace site will be a destination for the music, although it will also feature every post.

We hope that you enjoy the soon to come reviews, articles, and miscellaneous posts, but more than anything we simply hope that you, the reader, will join into the discussions and open your mind and ears to the incredible amounts of wonderful (and awful) music that is at the tips of your fingertips.